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Terms of use

Statement of Terms and Conditions– If Client has requested access to and been approved for education verification services that include receiving consumer reports from EduFacts, then in connection with requesting and/or receiving any reports from EduFacts, Client certifies and agrees to:

(1) Review the Notice to Users of Reports: Obligations of Users under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as amended (FCRA), at the website address set forth in the Sales Order or as otherwise provided by EduFacts, and perform legal obligations as set forth in such notice.

(2) Use the information provided by EduFacts for the permissible purposes (the Permissible Purposes) only, and only in accordance with applicable law. The Permissible Purposes are: (i) legitimate business need in connection with a transaction initiated by a consumer, (ii) for the underwriting of insurance as a result of an application from the consumer or the review or collection of a consumer’s account (iii) for use by a potential investor or servicer, or current insurer, in validation of, or an assessment of, the credit repayment risks associated with an existing credit obligation (iv) for employment purposes. Client may disclose any information obtained from EduFacts hereunder, to the consumer or potential employee who is the subject of such report, in accordance with applicable law. Client certifies that it will use the information only for the specific Permissible Purposes established herein.

(3) If reports will be used for employment decisions, make a clear and conspicuous disclosure to the applicant or employee, in writing and in a separate document that a consumer report may be obtained for employment purposes.

(4) Make a clear and accurate disclosure to the applicant or employee if an educational verification will be obtained, including a statement informing the subject of the report that additional information is available if requested.

(5) Obtain the proper written authorization signed by the applicant or potential employee prior to requesting any report on behalf of that individual.

(6) Provide proper additional notice to the applicant or employee, a copy of the report obtained, and a Summary of Rights, as required by the FCRA, if an adverse decision is going to be made due to information in any report obtained from EduFacts. If reports will be used for employment decisions, Client certifies and agrees to provide such additional notice, copy of the report and Summary of Rights to the applicant or employee in advance of any adverse decision regarding employment.

(7) Ensure that reports will be requested only by Client’s designated representatives and only for the Permissible Purposes established herein.

(8) Be responsible for the final verification of the applicant’s identity.

(9) Be responsible for the security and dissemination of any and all information provided to Client by EduFacts