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ATS Integration


Quite simply, you want to hire the best person for the job. But it’s not always that easy—in fact it’s never that easy. Attracting top tier people requires articulate and enhanced job posting and modern career sites, which can be automatically screened in order to generate focused talent pools. Hiring managers must be able to communicate with potential candidates in a swift and accurate fashion. Strategic reports need to be generated including Time-to-Fill and Cost-per-Higher papers all the way through to intensive and thoughtful white papers. Background checks need to be instantly integrated and automatic EEO/OFCCP collection and dissemination of information is essential in remaining compliant.

Edufacts/USBS, Inc. can assist you with all of this. We will work with your specific technology platform in designing an integration process that meets and fulfills all your screening necessities. Additionally, we will perform beginning-to-ending test protocols so any possible quirks are eliminated prior to integration. We will track, monitor and review every order for 30 days after the program is installed. We want the rollout to be a seamless and problem-free process.