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We live in a global economy so it’s not surprising that more and more potential candidates for employment may come from international sources. EduFacts/USBS, Inc. provides International Verifications for all of its screening services, including education, employment, reference checks and criminal history. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, and staff proficient in foreign languages working around the clock, EduFacts/USBS, Inc. can provide verifications from most countries around the world. The interface and procedures for ordering international verifications is the same as domestic verifications, through our easy to use online system


100% Web-Based
. International Education Verifications
. International Employment Verifications
. International Reference Verifications
. XML based, real time integration
. Supports HR-XML data exchange standards
. Track and monitor status throughout the process
. Dedicated Customer Service Representative via toll free numbers