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Education Verification

EduFacts, provides Educational Credential Verifications in better than industry standard turn around time. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, it can be customized to meet client’s unique needs. The web based interface is secure and scalable and it is designed to simplify the verification process. Intuitive and easy to use it reduces the time clients spend in completing an applicant’s file. The XML based research application supports data exchange standards developed by HR-XML Consortium, Inc. can easily and quickly be integrated with the client application to further simplify the verification process by completely eliminating the need for data entry.

Education Verification Features

. 100% Web-Based
. 100% access to 100% of school records nationwide
. High Schools
. 2-Year Colleges
. 4-year colleges and Universities
. Graduate Degrees
. International Degree Verifications
. XML based, real time integration
. Supports HR-XML data exchange standards
. Track and monitor status throughout the process
. Customer Service Representative via toll free number
. Verify records held by third party vendors
. FERPA compliant

EduFacts also provides consulting services, integration services, and customized reports and views at competitive rates through its excellent staff of systems analysts and software engineers. Please call 1-877-874-8866 for more information.