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Credit reports

Knowing an applicant’s credit history is crucial in measuring their hiring eligibility when it’s relevant to the position. A credit report/credit check has countless value during the pre-employment screening process. Specifically, if a potential new hire is being considered for a position requiring fiscal responsibilities, closely examining that candidate’s credit report makes not only common sense but monetary sense as well. If he/she cannot responsibly manage their own finances—and this would be clearly revealed in a credit report as late payments, bankruptcies, et al—it is highly unlikely they would be able to manage external assets either.

Please take note of the terms and conditions for credit reports on the Edufacts/USBS, Inc. Service Agreement as listed on this site. Personal information such as account numbers may not be included in the credit report to protect your business and the privacy of your applicant. Our reports are generated by TransUnion and do not include an actual credit score. The goal is to determine whether an individual is a trustworthy hire, not about extending credit. The information provided on the credit report will be satisfactory in determining whether the individual is worthy—or not worthy—of employment.