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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks for felonies and misdemeanors are conducted at the county or seat level. Edufacts/USBS, Inc. searches records dating back seven (7) years, which is an industry standard and mandated by the FCRA. If our Criminal Background Check locates a “hit”—a criminal record—Edufacts/USBS, Inc. will immediately provide all relevant and available criminal history. This includes the file date; disposition and date; whether the crime was a felony (f) or misdemeanor (m); judgment; and all verifying information. Case copies can be made available upon specific request and may include additional charges.

 International Criminal Searches

 In our current global economy, it is not uncommon for corporations to hire new employees who previously resided in another country. In order to make that process as seamless and worry-free as possible, Edufacts/USBS, Inc. conducts criminal searches in more than 54 countries. We have made it our mission in enabling our clients to hire only the most qualified and dedicated candidates. Please contact us for a list of the countries where Edufacts/USBS, Inc. provides Criminal Background Checks.