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Reference checks and verification

On a resume, many prospective employees present themselves as a four-year college graduate with extensive training in their designated field. Until you look closer and realize that over half of all applicants embellish, misrepresent or try and disguise prior work history. Edufacts/USBS, Inc. takes the guesswork out of the process by conducting education and previous employment verification as well as business and professional reference checks. A reference check is the key tool in uncovering the truth:

Employment: Start/end dates; salary; reasons for leaving; rehire status; responsibilities; and any relevant comments from an applicant’s immediate supervisor.

 Quite simply, people can sometimes lie. A candidate wants that job and rewriting their own history seems harmless enough in the face of a paycheck. Harmless until they land that job and end up causing a company no little amount of grief because they’re incapable of performing the tasks outlined in their job description—tasks they so eloquently performed on paper. In order to keep these types of applicants away from your business, we will make every effort to interview the applicant’s supervisor to obtain firsthand information about their workplace makeup.

Education: Start/end dates; degree/s received; GPA; areas of study.

Education is a key factor when companies are seeking to create job parameters and compensation packages. Degrees, Ph.D’s and doctorates weigh heavily in their assessments. Hiring an under-qualified candidate because he/she has lied on a resume about educational pursuits should never happen.  Edufacts/USBS, Inc.  conducts Education Verifications and confirms diplomas; certificates awarded; attendance dates; and any auxiliary data that might be available.  

Professional Reference: We conduct an extensive interview with the contact to help you learn more about your applicant with respect to their former employment.

Other verification services include License Verifications:

Accurate results


Whether you’re trying to assess someone’s educational, employment, credit, criminal, driving or drug history, accuracy is essential. There is no room for mistakes or errors and to that end, every aspect of our physical research performed in the courts is verified before being delivered to the client. When we obtain criminal records, Edufacts/USBS, INC., Inc. compares all available identifiers to ensure that the information delivered to our clients is absolutely accurate.


Edufacts/USBS, INC., Inc. is a service-driven company and our main asset is the customer. We are relentless in our pursuits in providing you with exceptional customer service and professional etiquette. We define remarkable customer service as our ability to go beyond simply satisfying our clients’ pre-employment screening requirements. We want your business—and your return business—we will provide you with the highest levels of personal attention coupled with the simplest background screening process possible.


Our advanced online system is another way in which Edufacts/USBS, INC., Inc. serves our clients. Once you have logged in with a secure username and password, the client is able to place new requests, view and print completed orders, check the status of pending requests, view invoicing, and manage all the details relating to their personal account.

Drug screening post

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Motor vehicle reports

Ensuring that a prospective applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is free and clear of any noteworthy blemishes is crucial in the hiring process. If an employee is being hired to drive a company vehicle—or even their own car—it is imperative this his/her driving history is clean.

Edufacts/USBS, Inc. provides a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) containing all the information in an applicant’s driving record (derived from DMV records). We review the Motor Vehicle Report and verify whether the driver’s license is currently valid. Additionally, we provide information including the expiration and issue dates; personal identifying data; violation points; suspensions; revocations; and a thorough explanation of all relevant content regarding each offense.

Edufacts/USBS, Inc. has a direct link to every DMV in the U.S. as well as many additional countries. Please be aware that the information made available to us may vary by state. We provide immediate and time-critical reports virtually within minutes of receiving the data.




Credit reports

Knowing an applicant’s credit history is crucial in measuring their hiring eligibility when it’s relevant to the position. A credit report/credit check has countless value during the pre-employment screening process. Specifically, if a potential new hire is being considered for a position requiring fiscal responsibilities, closely examining that candidate’s credit report makes not only common sense but monetary sense as well. If he/she cannot responsibly manage their own finances—and this would be clearly revealed in a credit report as late payments, bankruptcies, et al—it is highly unlikely they would be able to manage external assets either.

Please take note of the terms and conditions for credit reports on the Edufacts/USBS, Inc. Service Agreement as listed on this site. Personal information such as account numbers may not be included in the credit report to protect your business and the privacy of your applicant. Our reports are generated by TransUnion and do not include an actual credit score. The goal is to determine whether an individual is a trustworthy hire, not about extending credit. The information provided on the credit report will be satisfactory in determining whether the individual is worthy—or not worthy—of employment.



Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks for felonies and misdemeanors are conducted at the county or seat level. Edufacts/USBS, Inc. searches records dating back seven (7) years, which is an industry standard and mandated by the FCRA. If our Criminal Background Check locates a “hit”—a criminal record—Edufacts/USBS, Inc. will immediately provide all relevant and available criminal history. This includes the file date; disposition and date; whether the crime was a felony (f) or misdemeanor (m); judgment; and all verifying information. Case copies can be made available upon specific request and may include additional charges.

 International Criminal Searches

 In our current global economy, it is not uncommon for corporations to hire new employees who previously resided in another country. In order to make that process as seamless and worry-free as possible, Edufacts/USBS, Inc. conducts criminal searches in more than 54 countries. We have made it our mission in enabling our clients to hire only the most qualified and dedicated candidates. Please contact us for a list of the countries where Edufacts/USBS, Inc. provides Criminal Background Checks.